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We specialize in professional facility management   

The simplest form, and also the simplest part of facility management is operational management and  short-term management understood as the management of the facility known by every person. Duties of the property manager come down to everyday hard work and the primary aim is to keep the building in good condition, and in accordance with the requirements set out in the adequate regulations and the performance of the contract between the real estate administrator and the owners of the premises.
The owner of the building / property managers are obliged to statutorily defined responsibilities under the criminal liability.
Mandatory periodical inspections on the technical condition of the buildings arise from the overriding duty to use a building for its intended purpose. Periodical Inspections are required also on the environmental basis and buildings maintenance in good technical and esthetic condition. Taking all of the above property manager cannot allow to the deterioration of the facility and  the technical efficiency. According to the provisions of the Construction Law (Art. 61 and 62), construction buildings are subject to to mandatory technical inspections on a yearly basis and a five-year basis. In addition, buildings with floor area exceeding 2000 square meters and other construction buildings with the roof surface over 1000 square meters are subject to periodic review twice a year.  



The property is treated as a capital i.e. investment   

Efficient management of the facility should provide at least preservation of  the facility in a condition to its market value as an owner’s capital had not been reduced. It cannot be expected, though, the manager will take care of the facility as an investment to lead it to its increase of value. In order to accomplished this goal, the owners need a higher level of facility management. According to market conditions - this level is absolutely necessary. It is a strategic management implemented as a long-term process.
The most important tasks that the owner can entrust the manager is providing consultancy according to possibility of an increase of the facility’s value.
There are many possibilities for example:. rationalization of costs; modernization and expansion; taking into account changes in the macro and the micro scale on the real estate market and the facility surroundings. According to real estate, which is the company's asset, the situation is even more complex. It is necessary to obtain - taking into account the company's current situation and trends on the market - to answer the questions as:

  • Is it worth it to sell the property, and change the status of the owner to e.g. the tenant position?
  • How to develop the area which is not popular among tenants?
  • Are expenditures on facility development will enable to gain a profit within the expected date?
  • How rationally develop the joint area to reduce operating costs?
  • The manager is able to look widely at the property and estimate its capabilities.  


Our advantage is the optimization of management’s costs  

A suitable starting point – from the owner’s property position - is the choice of professional manager. Professional management costs great amount of money, although it is worth mentioning that within the local market, prices are aligned. But in each case, this is a profitable expenditure for the owner of the property. Scope of the manager responsibilities is so wide that requires specialized knowledge in various areas. Additionally, unceasing orientation related to real estate issues is also required as well as to the real estate market situation. All of the above definitely justifies such an approach to the problem.  

What owner of the property gains by working with a professional manager?  

First of all, owner of the property gains management cost's optimization in accordance to finished facility. A professional manager has also professional tools to achieve his tasks. For instance, property manager owns specialized computer programs that help in the processes of property management as well as the implementation of strategic management plans.



There is nothing replaceable than experience gained in practice management

During building construction planning, the property manager is the one who knows the market in the business premises and residential sections. Furthermore, the property manager knows the latest technologies in construction, which affect e.g. reduction of the  operating costs. Through the property manager investor will accomplish the facility project that will become a capital investment.  



Quality House Tomasz Lipiec

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