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Scope of services


  • running and update the list of premises (owners and tenants),
  • keeping books for each building and current technical documentation required under real estate construction law,
  • control the performance of contracts providing delivery of utilities for each facility - water, heat, electricity, gas and waste disposal,
  • ongoing control of the technical condition of the building, immediate orders of the necessary work given to specialized companies and settlement of their activities performed,
  • supervision over the company’s actions responsible for maintenance and current repair,
  • control over the removal of failures and their consequences,
  • control over the maintenance of tidiness and cleanliness inside the building and within the property,
  • coordination and supervision over repair and modernization plans,
  • control and supervision of  the implementation of mandatory periodic inspections,
  • conference organization for Housing Associations,
  • constant cooperation with the Board of real estates,
  • other actions relating to the property management in conjunction with the law and signed contracts.


  • implementation of tasks by using a computer programming specially developed for Housing Associations and building private owners,
  • accounting management in accordance with accepted principles of bookkeeping by the Housing Association,
  • preparation of draft annual business plan,
  • preparing the annual financial report on the implementation of the economic plan including separated repair fund.
  • account by separate bank account,
  • account of installments to cover management of common property and common utilites delivery to the premises,
  • debt collection of receivables arising from benefits and other real estate income and installment charged to landlords.

Maintenance of cleanliness

The scope of actions and the work carried out to maintain tidiness in a residential building and its surroundings.


Residential building cleaning services:

  • sweeping, garbage removal, washing stairways, attics, basements, chute chambers, chutes, crane cabins and equipment and technical installations rooms,
  • washing, wiping windows, doors, paneling, railings, bins, cabinets and other glazed points on stairways and indoors
  • removal of dust from window sills, window grids, electric heaters, cabinets, bulletin boards and sweep the walls with cobwebs,
  • periodic disinfecting sanitary points, chutes chambers and chutes, basement corridors and garbage cans,
  • sweeping and cleaning the underground garage
  • periodically disinfection and disinfestation of corridors and rooms as needed,


Hardened surface around the building

  • sweeping, removing garbage and other pollutants from pedestrians and driveways, clearances, parking lots, inroad,  streets, parking bays, transitions between gates
  • collecting garbage in the designated areas and keeping them clean (junk gazebos or other places)
  • during the winter: removing snow from the surface, ice, mud and other contaminants, as well as cleaning tabs, rain grooves and gas and water valves,
  • in the autumn, sweeping, raking and removing leaves.


Cleaning green areas around the building

  • current removal flower beds and plantings, trash and other pollutants from lawns,
  • raking of green areas, clusters of shrubs and prism looted pollution and cutting grass.


Cleaning schedule



  • sweeping stairways, stairs, basement and attic;
  • washing stairways from first floor;
  • cleaning chute chambers, chutes and doors of the chamber;
  • washing and cleaning the cabins of cranes;
  • wiping railings and window grids;
  • removal of dust from windowsills, radiators, electrical boxes and postal services, cabinets, bulletin boards and sweep the walls from cobwebs;
  • sweeping and cleaning the underground garage.


Once a week

  • cleaning the basement corridor;
  • cleaning radiators and rooms’ doors;
  • sweeping and cleaning of the chambers with equipment and technical installations.


Once a month

  • Washing stairs.


Once a quarter

  • washing and wiping lampshades, cabinets and other glazed points in stairways and all chambers;
  • cleaning and washing windows.


Periodically - as needed

  • sanitary disinfection points, chutes chambers and chutes, hoppers chambers, corridors, basements and garbage cans;
  • disinfection and disinfestation of all chambers, rooms and corridors - according to separate contract;
  • Pip chutes in the case of clogging.



Hardened surface around the building



  • sweeping, removing garbage and other pollutants from pedestrians and driveways, clearances, parking lots, inroad to reach the buildings, the transitions between the gates, parking bays, internal streets, playgrounds etc .;
  • garbage collection garbage at designated locations (junk gazebos and other places and the maintenance of order;
  • in the winter: snow removal, de-icing, de-pollution of paved surface, snow removal from water and gas valves and storm drains;
  • during autumn: current sweeping and raking leaves and placing them in bags;
  • maintaining order in the facility and the area adjacent to it (pedestrian, lawns, gazebos junk);
  • snow removal, mowing grass, raking leaves, fostering green;
  • minor maintenance repairs preventing facility failure protection;
  • reporting defects, drawbacks, faults, flaws and others noticed irregularities while perform the actions.


Maintenance of greenery and cleaning services

  • the establishment and renovation of lawns;
  • planting;
  • caring and maintenance of greenery (cutting and shaping trees, shrubs, hedges, trimming lawns, cleaning);
  • designing and furnishing gardens (vegetables compositions, garden architecture such as alleys, arbors, pots, fountains, lawns, walls, ponds, pergolas, squares, drinking fountains, stairs);
  • home green decoration;
  • furnishing children's playgrounds;
  • delivery of gardening supplies.

Technical maintenance of the property

  • technical inspection of the facility;
  • compulsory periodic inspections according to the Construction Law;
  • typing necessary renovations with the assessment of validity;
  • cost estimation of different renovation types;
  • presentation of the typical renovation pricing with its perform justification to the Housing Association or to the owner of the property,
  • Performance of the actions acknowledged and approved by the Housing Association by contractors chosen in tender procedures,
  • industry supervision of the actions;
  • reception and settlement of renovation and repair;

Legal service

Property Manager’s Law firm fulfill all legal actions necessary for the proper functioning of:

  • protection from burglary to the facility;
  • protection against equipment annexation or damage;
  • providing relevant information to applicants and directing them to the appropriate area;
  • not letting anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc.;
  • intervention against the perpetrators of the disturbances inside the facilities;
  • keepings keys record and sealing the chambers;
  • checking the chambers and technical securities such as locks, seals, windows;
  • fencing, lighting, alarms;
  • constant patrolling the area inside and outside the facility with emphasis on ares with increased risk;
  • effective reactions in the case of any danger - especially to an alarm signal received from employees;
  • to maintain communication between the security agents, Operations Center, and  patrol – intervention crews;
  • arming and disarming the alarm system (in the presence of your employee);
  • opening and closing facilities at specified times;
  • letting authorized persons to enter to the facility;
  • enhancement of security actions at night;
  • Keeping detailed times and place worked records of each security agent's duty assignments.
  • the immediate information transfer to ordering party authorized employees of any subsequent events on the area protected and other facilities;
  • other duties, designed according to your needs.



Apart from the aforementioned actions we assist with:

  • Housing Association registration;
  • choosing a bank and the assumption of bank account for the Housing Association;
  • taking over documents from the former Administrator or the Commune;
  • providing an essential analysis of technical and financial acquired documents, applications and its presentation to the Management Board of the Housing Association.


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